Low Voltage Switchgear and Power Distribution Panels

MEEES offers in the section of the power system the design, fabrication, supply and install the switchboards and power distribution panels, as below:

1- Main Distribution Boards (MDB).sw board 2

2- Sub-Main Distribution Boards (SMDB).

3- final distribution boards (DB).

Power Distribution is a system, consisting of a Main Distribution Board (MDB), Sub Main Distribution Boards (SMDBs) and Final Distribution Boards, by which the electrical energy is transmitted via branches to reach the exact end user. An MDB is a panel or enclosure that houses the fuses, circuit breakers and ground leakage protection units where the electrical energy, which is used to distribute electrical power to numerous individual circuits or consumer points, is taken in from the transformer or an upstream panel. An MDB typically has a single or multiple incoming power sources and includes main circuit breakers and residual current or earth leakage protection devices. The MDB then feeds SMDBs, which is installed generally at the point where a large distribution cable terminates and several smaller sub-circuits start. The SMDB feeds the Final Distribution Board, which then feeds electrical energy to the end user.SMDB

MEEES offers complete solutions for the above and as per the client demands and requirements through well trained engineers and technicians for offshore and onshore services in order to get the maximum satisfaction from the customers.