Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)


for the UPS systems, MEEES can handle Design, install, testing and commissioning for full UPS system and as per the requirements from the customer and as per the demand of the load, however, MEEES can fabricate such system for some required application (especially for emergency lighting) and we have installed such systems and handled such projects for this type.

in addition to the above, we can make the full maintenance and repair for such systems and as required for the product and as per the datasheet and manuals for the same, for UPS MEEES can handle different jobs regarding the same such as:

– Design, supply and install various type of UPS systems (single phase and three phase).

– calculate the required battery bank for the system to serve the required time and as per the load demand.IMG_6694

– make retrofits for such old systems and replace with new solution with latest technology.